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     Grace Journey      Pastoral Ministry


Deacons/Deaconess    L to R
JC Leonard, Garland Burkhart, Bruce Langley(Deceased), Pastor Gerald Shean, Steve Glover, Claude Peters,      Not Pictured: Kathy Giddens
Inactive: Henry Moore, Tommy Beck
Associate Pastor: Johnny Harris
Below are just a few of the many volunteers that make  the ministries of Grace Journey possible. We are blessed to have dedicated servants sharing talents God has given them.


Praise Choir

Mariea Shean
Gerald Shean
Danny Peddycord
Claude Peters
Jean Harris
Johnny Harris
John Barnes
Pat Smith
Doug Smith
Cindy Deegan
Johnathan Leonard
Mary Purdue
Teresa Williams
Keith Ousterman
Brenda Shore

Bobbi Nifong
Steve Glover
Graham Smith
Perry Charles
Johnny Harris
Kathy Leonard
John Barnes 
David Ashby
Doug Smith
Johnny Harris
Christian Education
Kathy Giddens
Audio Visual
Danny Peddycord
Alex Nifong
David Cecil
Gary Peters
Graham Smith



Gina Freedle

Ruth Ann Peters,

Violet Burkhart, Assistants


Path of Hope Minister
Johnny Harris
Childrens Church
Wanda Barnes,

Mariea Shean,  Teresa Williams, Martha Leonard, Lisa Loh, Lisa Peters, Carol King, Kathy Leonard

Prayer Shawl Ministry
Claudiette Mason
Kathy Leonard
Ruth Ann Peters

Wanda Moore
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